Amelia studying on the grounds
Taken by an enchanted camera

James Potter during fourth year talking to Sirius Black.

"No, Padfoot! We need to use the sticking charm for that to work."

"If you say so. I still think the potion would work."

"What do you think, Moony?"

"Oh hell no. Leave me out of your spats."

Taken by Remus Lupin shortly before he left.

Narcissa and Lucius taking a break during a walk.

Taken by an enchanted camera

Amelia Bones, a dark haired Mary Macdonald, and Victoria St. Clair modeling their outfits before they went out to Hogsmeade.

Taken by another student.

"What are we doing?"

"Running away."


"I have my reasons"

Mary and another hufflepuff during her first year.

Taken by another student before they went to report it to Dumbledore

Amycus Carrow and Victoria St. Clair talking on the grounds.

Taken by a first year who couldn’t hear what they were saying thanks to Amycus’ privacy spell.

Olivia and Liz sharing a kiss before heading of to separate classes.

Taken by an enchanted camera.

"Urgh my head hurts"

"Did you drink last night?"

"are you seriously asking me that question?"

"Yeah what was I thinking?"

"Were you thinking?"

Marlene stood by the lake fighting a hangover.

Taken by a Gryffindor seventh year.

Emma and Jason by the lake

Taken by an enchanted camera.

Amycus and Amelia having a late night chat on the stairs by the kitchens.

Taken by an enchanted camera